The seasons at Le Coin de Manon


They say that the region sees 300 days of sunshine a year so Le Coin de Manon is the perfect place for family summer holidays but extraordinary spring, autumn and winter breaks too.

Le Coin de Manon is not just reserved for the summertime. Enjoy visiting Le Coin de Manon in different seasons, each one bringing its own experience and wonderful memories.



The gardens of Le Coin de Manon come alive with poppies and wild flowers during this time of year. As the colour comes back after the cooler winter months, Provence is blooming and the markets are now full of delicious produce so pick some fruits and cheeses and take a walk along the coastline for a picnic in the warm sunshine.


As the leaves begin to brown and fall, it is a stunning time of year in most places in Europe but in Provence, it is still warm and wonderful. Go on hikes and weekend drives while the vines and landscape change their colours. The comfort food for this season is Daube Provençale -a melt-in-your-mouth stew - and enjoy the seasonal pears from the local markets and figs that are abundant in the garden at Le Coin de Manon.


Even though it's now cooler, you can still sit outside with a t-shirt on during the daytime. Le Coin de Manon has central heating in the house and both indoor and outdoor fireplaces to get really cosy. Take advantage of the Christmas markets throughout the region and enjoy this magical time of year.